Finishing Mini Needlepoint Projects for the Interchangeable Shadow Box

Finishing Mini Needlepoint Projects for the Interchangeable Shadow Box

When you finish stitching your mini needlepoint canvas, remove the stitched canvas from the stretcher bars.

Cut your canvas so that there is about 1" of selvage canvas on each side. Leave your corners intact!

Center the mat board onto the back of the stitched canvas, so that about 1 row of stitching can wrap around the edge of the mat board.

Thread your needle with the long piece of pearl cotton, and thread it through the center of one corner. You will begin lacing the selvage around the mat board, starting with the corners facing diagonally from one another. 

I would recommend lacing each corner twice so it's secure and snug. Pull tight enough so that there is tension, but not so tightly that the mat board is at risk of being bent. 

Lace all of the corners, pulling the selvage canvas around snugly and evenly. 

Next, begin lacing the sides. Carefully fold the canvas over the mat board before you begin lacing so that it can crease against the mat board appropriately and evenly. Your stitching will work to keep it where you want it. 

Stitch the sides closed using the lacing method, checking to be sure everything looks even from the front. Space your lacing stitches across the length of each edge so that the canvas pulls over the mat board as evenly as possible. 

Periodically check the front of the canvas to be sure the edges are straight, even, and centered.

Continue lacing the edges until all of the selvage is brought to the center on the back and the needlepoint is even and beautiful ont the front.

When you have a snug and secure lacing system in place, thread your needle through one small spot on the back of the canvas multiple times to make a secure knot. 

Now it's time to add the soft side of the velcro! The soft velcro will be what attaches the canvas to the frame, and what will make the frame interchangeable with multiple needlepoint projects. Carefully peel off the paper protecting the adhesive, and then apply the adhesive to the back of the needlepoint canvas. This adhesive will also ensure your lacing stays secure. 

Now your project is ready to hang proudly in its frame! Finish multiple mini projects using this method and switch them out using the velcro fasteners as needed!


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