I'm Stephanie, the creator and designer of Spellbound Stitchery. I live in Western North Carolina with my two black cats, Circe and Demeter, little dog Charley, and partner, Jared. I love to grow dahlias, ride horses, and create works of art. Before design took over my life full-time, I worked in local government and never dreamed that I would pursue a creative career. However, now that I'm here, I can't see myself doing anything else! I've dabbled with all kinds of artistic mediums and enjoy working in pen and ink, watercolor, acrylic painting, and digital art. When I discovered needlepoint, and saw how most of the most incredible canvases are meticulously stitch painted, the concept fascinated me. I started painting canvases before I ever picked up a tapestry needle and thread. After painting a few custom canvases, I was absolutely hooked by the medium. Stitch painting scratches a very satisfying itch in my brain, and the pixellated art form of needlepoint canvas design is so extremely wonderful! After several months of painting and after learning to stitch, I decided that I had a distinct artistic voice I could bring to needlepoint - and Spellbound Stitchery was born. Here, you'll find a spread of designs from monsters and myths to anatomy and architecture, and also some very normal, not weird things too.