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Anatomical Kidney Needlepoint Canvas

Anatomical Kidney Needlepoint Canvas

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This is an underrated organ, I think. There aren’t any kidney emojis, we don’t use kidneys in metaphors (but there is a nice dad joke about kidneys!) and I haven’t seen any kidney imagery around during spooky season. It seems to me that kidneys are not on our radar - but they should be!! Our kidneys keep our blood clean and ensure that our blood maintains its proper balance of nutrients. A few years ago, my dad had to have one of his kidneys removed. What should have been a fairly straightforward process turned into a long and stressful one. Thankfully, he made a full recovery and one kidney is working solo to keep him healthy! I wish I had this needlepoint canvas to stitch on to help me sit with the stress of that event. So I made one! Here’s a needlepoint canvas to celebrate kidneys and all their cleansing qualities!

This series of needlepoint canvases may not be for everyone! But for those of us interested in medicine, the human body, anatomy, biology, psychology, healing, and oddities, these human anatomy canvases will fascinate and delight.

 The human anatomy needlepoint canvases are ornament sized at around 4” at their largest diameter, on 18 mesh. They’ve been designed to be detailed and realistic, maybe even too realistic! 



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