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PREORDER - Anatomical Lower Digestive Tract Needlepoint Canvas

PREORDER - Anatomical Lower Digestive Tract Needlepoint Canvas

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PREORDER - these hand painted canvases will arrive in early June 2024. Preorder the restock and enjoy a 15% preorder discount.

This needlepoint canvas is 3x4" on 18 mesh. 

The small intestine is the specialized tubular structure between the stomach and the large intestine that absorbs the nutrition from your food. The large intestine is responsible for processing indigestible food material after most nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine. The appendix - the finger shaped pouch attached to the end of the large intestine - has been found to play a role in mammalian mucosal immune function. It is believed to be involved in extrathymically derived T-lymphocytes and B-lymphocyte-mediated immune responses. It is also said to produce early defences that help prevent serious infections in humans.

This series of needlepoint canvases may not be for everyone! But for those of us interested in medicine, the human body, anatomy, biology, psychology, healing, and oddities, these human anatomy canvases will fascinate and delight.

The human anatomy needlepoint canvases are ornament sized at around 4” at their largest diameter, on 18 mesh. They’ve been designed to be detailed and realistic, maybe even too realistic!


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