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Spellbound Stitchery

Huntseat 4" Round Needlepoint Canvas

Huntseat 4" Round Needlepoint Canvas

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4" Round Hand Painted Needlepoint Canvas on 18 mesh.

This needlepoint canvas depicts an English rider cantering on the flat (no jumps), and could represent Hunt Seat, Equitation, or any other type of forward seat English riding. I wanted to illustrate this rider as if they are looking towards their next turn in the arena, with good contact at the bit, a strong lower leg, and with their weight in their heels. The horse is carrying itself in a good frame with plenty of grace and suppleness in the canter.
I think this is one of my favorites from this collection - so much power, movement, and grace is represented in this small 4” round within the simple needlepoint canvas intersections.
These needlepoint canvases are easily customizable to suit you and your horse!

Includes hand painted needlepoint canvas only, no threads or stitching included. Colors may appear different based on screen resolution. 

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