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Cross Country 4" Round Needlepoint Canvas

Cross Country 4" Round Needlepoint Canvas

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4" Round Hand Painted Needlepoint Canvas on 18 mesh.

Cross Country - the most iconic of the 3 competitions in Eventing!

Eventing is best described as an equestrian triathlon. The sport originated as a cavalry test and is comprised of three phases: dressage, cross country and show jumping. The first phase – dressage – shows the graceful partnership of horse and rider through a sequence of movements on the flat. The next phase – cross country – challenges bravery, fitness and determination as combinations navigate a series of solid obstacles, technical questions and varied terrain. In the final phase – show jumping – pairs must again prove their precision as they clear a course of fences. Competitors accumulate penalty points in each phase. At the end of the event, the pair with the lowest score wins. Eventing tests horse and rider pairs more completely than any other discipline.

These needlepoint canvases are 4” round on 18 mesh and can be customized to suit you and your horse.

Includes hand painted needlepoint canvas only, no threads or stitching included. Colors may appear different based on screen resolution. 

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