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Hunter Jumper 4" Round Needlepoint Canvas

Hunter Jumper 4" Round Needlepoint Canvas

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4" Round Hand Painted Needlepoint Canvas on 18 mesh.

This needlepoint canvas is of the Hunter Jumper discipline, which is what I’m currently riding as an adult amateur!
The discipline that is most directly rooted in the fox hunt, the hunter horse competes in an arena that contains obstacles similar to those that might be encountered on a natural course, like fences and walls. Judging is subjective, with form, style, conformation and manners guiding scoring. Judges look for a horse to move throughout the course in an even, calm manner with few errors such as refusals and knockdowns. A hunter horse and rider must show tempered rhythm as they work through the ring. Unlike jumpers, a hunter must be under very moderated and stable control. A good hunter round is one where the rider and horse make navigating the jumps seem effortless.
These needlepoint canvases are 4” round on 18 mesh and can be customized to suit you and your horse.

Includes hand painted needlepoint canvas only, no threads or stitching included. Colors may appear different based on screen resolution. 

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