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Spellbound Stitchery

Mari Lwyd Needlepoint Canvas

Mari Lwyd Needlepoint Canvas

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Here is another Yuletide Tradition - the Mari Lwyd from South Wales!
Spellbound wouldn’t be Spellbound without Christmas monsters and unique Yuletide traditions from all over the world! The Mari Lwyd is a Wassailing tradition from Wales, and goes back centuries. While it looks a little bit intimidating, (just a little bit) this skeletal Yuletide specter goes from house to house with its companions, singing songs, battling homeowners in witty insult contests, and occasionally terrorizing small children. It’s a good natured prankster, decked out in colorful finery and bringing with it silliness and holiday cheer.
Grab your mulled wine, sing a song, and frolic through the neighborhood with your closest friends - and don’t forget to take the Mari Lwyd!
This needlepoint design is 4” round on 18 mesh, and I have some ambitious stitching planned for it, with unique fibers and ribbon work up my sleeve. 

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