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Spellbound Stitchery

Medusa Needlepoint Canvas

Medusa Needlepoint Canvas

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Introducing this gorgeous gorgon, Medusa. 🐍

This hand painted design comes in 3 color ways and is 3x6” on 18 mesh, perfect for self finishing items! This listing is for the canvas only. 

Medusa originated in Greek mythology as one of three gorgons, creatures depicted as winged human-like women with snakes in place of hair. Those who gazed into her eyes would be turned to stone. Her myth and story includes tragedy, loss, sexual violence, and worse. Her fierce visage combined with lethal power embodies the archetype of female rage.

Today, Medusa’s image has become popular among sexual assault survivors, with many women tattooing her frightening form onto themselves. Medusa tattoos invert the narrative that women should be punished in the wake of being sexually abused. In other words, Medusa has become a symbol of strength and survival for sexual assault victims.

Medusa is for anyone who resonates with her. For those who appreciate mythology, art, history, snakes, or the strength of womanhood, Medusa may have a place in your heart.

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