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Saint Betty Needlepoint Canvas

Saint Betty Needlepoint Canvas

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This needlepoint canvas is hand painted at 8 inches tall by 3 inches wide on 18 mesh. The total canvas dimension is 12x7".

Introducing the radiant "Saint Betty" Needlepoint Canvas, depicting Betty White, an enduring icon celebrated not only for her philanthropic heart but also for her spectacular, decades-long career in TV and comedy. 

This needlepoint canvas embodies the timeless charm of Betty White – her infectious smile, expressive eyes, and her enduring contributions to comedy. Saint Betty brought joy to millions and left her mark on the world of television and comedy.

Whether you're a fan of Saint Betty's comedic genius, her philanthropic endeavors, or both, the "Saint Betty" Needlepoint Canvas is a tribute to an extraordinary woman whose spirit of compassion and humor touched the hearts of generations.  

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