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Savannah Bird Girl Needlepoint Canvas

Savannah Bird Girl Needlepoint Canvas

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This hand painted needlepoint canvas design is 5” on 18 mesh and has a blank background. 

This needlepoint canvas depicts the famous Bird Girl statue sculpted by Sylvia Shaw Judson - made famous by the book “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” The Bird Girl is now a symbol of Savannah and is on display at the Telfair Museum. 

Thread Suggestions for Sparkle:

  • Silk Lame SL251
  • Silk Lame SL161
  • Silk Lame SL242
  • Silk Lame SL119
  • Suggested Background - Silk Lame SL03

Thread Suggestions for Matte

  • Impressions 5126
  • Impressions 5123
  • Impressions 5121
  • Impressions 7010

If you would like to achieve a combined matte/sparkle effect, simply switch the Silk Lame suggestions to petite silk lame and use both a length of petite silk lame and a length of impressions thread together in one stitch for an interesting effect. 


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