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Spellbound Stitchery

Turtle Island Needlepoint Canvas 4” Round

Turtle Island Needlepoint Canvas 4” Round

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There are so many myths and legends about “Turtle Island,” from cultures and belief systems from across the globe. It is my hope that this design can resonate with whichever story you associate with or enjoy most. 

One story that stood out to me was that of the aspidochelone, a creature of Greek myth. In some stories, the enormous turtle would appear to sailors as any other normal island, and sailors would dock their boats and come ashore to rest under the lush greenery. As soon as the sailors would light their fires, the turtle would feel the heat and dive down to the depths, dragging the unwitting sailors to their watery graves. 

This needlepoint canvas is 4” round on 18 mesh. 

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